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Data Ready! Badge [GSU Data Ready! Badges]

Started Jan 11, 2022


Full course description

Build your data skills and receive BADGES to show off your skills to your current or potential employers, or graduate schools to which you are applying, or professional colleagues -- the GSU Data Ready! Badges program is available for all GSU students, faculty, and staff to earn multiple micro-credential badges and easily share your badges via social media, email, texting, or websites. Learn more at!  

 Enroll to earn your Data Ready! Badge and learn core data literacy skills and concepts with real-life examples using a variety of tools.

  • The Data Ready! Badge video series has 9 videos averaging about 10 minutes apiece covering various foundational data concepts and tools – great bite-size intros to data literacy!
  • Once you've watched the videos, go to the course quiz, score a 100% perfect score (there is no time limit and you are allowed multiple attempts), and...
  • CONGRATS! You've earned the Data Ready! Badge.

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